Marketplace Center

  • The Marketplace is where users can sell/buy their NFTs as items of a Bicycle.
  • Players can trade Bicycle items as NFTs on the Marketplace
  • Players can use BNB / CTE (BEP20) to buy any bicycle item in the Marketplace and the transaction is instant, players will receive items and participate in cycling and tournaments
We allow famous bicycle companies to link up to advertise and sell products to the community, by renting booths, installing billboards, information about prestigious world races will be reported, Investors, sports events with green environmental protection will be angel partners with Cycle To Earn.
By associating with strategic partners, who are manufacturers and distributors of bicycles of many different models, we will create booths, shops, advertising signs or links. The link leads to the partner's sales website, the community participating in the purchase can enjoy a lot of incentives, attractive promotions are launched to support and cooperate for mutual development. We recommend encourage cycling programs around the world, community-based environmental programs.