Quests Completion Reward: 1000 CTE
Event duration: June 17 - July 2, 2022
Details are updated on CTE's official Channel.


🏆Reward: 1000 CTE 🎉

⏳Event duration: ▪️Start: June 17, 2022 ▪️End: July 2, 2022
✅ Missions:
➖Go to ; Click on the Airdrop button on the right hand side
➖Fill in the required information
➖Enter your BSC code (your wallet ID to receive CTE)
➖Follow CTE's Twitter ; Follow the official channel of CTE
➖Tick the box on Disclaimer then Click Submit Your Application to complete
🔺CTE's BSC Contract: 0xef34124801Cd526142fb6bfB5BD1022554008c4a
👏👏 ONLY with 2 minutes and you can earn your first 1000 CTE right away! It's amazing gift so far. Don't miss this opportunity to earn CTE for free.
Wish all of you lot of fun,
The CTE Team.
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